Mike Bonzek is a resident of Suwannee. He is a member of the Greater Atlanta Bowling Association. He has served as a Youth Director, the Youth Tournament Director. He is also responsible for increasing the Junior Gold Qualifiers from 3 to over 150. When ask why he ran for the board he said “the reason that I ran for the board is the same reason I’ve been involved with Youth Bowling for the last 20 years. As adults we must be proactive in developing and giving opportunities to youth to become productive and responsible adults. There are so many distractions today for youth that we never had to deal with. Competitive bowling provides these young adults many life lessons including how to succeed with grace and how to deal with loss in a mature way.” “On a personal note it was an extreme honor to receive the USBC Annual award as the Volunteer of the Year. It meant to me that all the years of service were recognized by the sport’s governing body.”