2022 Ga 500 Club Tournament Winners

1st PlaceDenise McElveen692 Gr Atlanta
2nd Place Toddy Yereance682West Ga
3rd Place TieSusan Seaman670West Ga
3rd Place TieMichelle Harden670West Ga
5th PlaceSherry Jenkins649Columbus
6th PlaceMelanie Reed636West Ga
7th PlaceChoice Altier633West Ga
8th PlaceWendy Esco629Columbus
9th PlaceRhonda Newell624Central Ga
10th PlaceDonna Freeland620West Ga
Special Prizes
High Game ScratchMichelle Harden222West Ga
Best 3 of 4 GamesDenise McElveen557 Gr Atlanta
Best 1st 3 GamesSusan Seaman562West Ga

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The 2023 Tournament will be held September 16th – Location TBD

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