2019 Ga 500 Club Tournament Winners

1st PlacePatty Purcel680 Gr Atlanta
2nd Place TieJoanne Thompson662Gr Atlanta
32nd Place TieSusan Seaman662 Gr Atlanta
4th PlaceElaine Little648Columbus
5th PlacePamela Pennington647 Gr Atlanta
6th PlaceJudy Montgomery644West Ga
7th PlaceBernice Mollay629South Ga
8th PlaceKatrina Williams623 Gr Atlanta
Special Prizes
High Game ScratchRuby Mitchell 224 Gr Atlanta
Best 3 of 4 GamesSusan Seaman548 Gr Atlanta
Best 1st 3 GamesBernice Mollay537 South Ga

2021 Entry Form

The 2022 Tournament will be held September 17th and 18th location TBD.

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